Kreabaur Tackle Product Catalog

Snappy Stringer

There are many fish stringers on the market—most of which are the traditional nylon variety. As a fisherman, you probably are already aware of how difficult these stringers can be to work with—and sadly, how often they bunch up in the water, killing your prize catch. Snappy Stringer® is made of durable and flexible polyurethane which fans out in the water, keeping your fish alive until you’re ready to go. And its strong-as-steel construction ensures that the stringer won’t snap under duress like many inferior fishing stringers.

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GlowStrike Glow in the Dark Night Fishing Bite Indicator

GlowStrike® is your source for quality night fishing lights on a budget! Built from a durable, high-visibility material, the GlowStrike® bite indicator never requires messy refills, and can be reused over and over again. Simply shine a flashlight on the GlowStrike® for a few minutes and the night fishing light is recharged and ready to go!

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StrikeLight Dual LED Night Fishing Bite Indicator

StrikeLight eliminates all guessing by emitting an eye-catching, visible signal that is nearly impossible to miss. Unlike other night fishing lights, StrikeLight offers not just one, but two extra bright LEDs to make its signal stand out against the darkness, an advantage over the average bite indicator.

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