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Hook & Hunt Radio Show

We will be live on the Hook & Hunt Radio Show this Saturday February 2, 2013 around 6am. We will be talking about Kreabaur Tackle's StrikeLight and GlowStrike products and answer any callers' questions. The main focus will be how we got started and why we developed each product. Also, we will be discussing the technology used to make our high quality products and specific details on how they are better than anything currently on the market for night fishing. This is a call-in show so anybody can call and ask questions. Call toll free at 866-652-5489 and he will be doing give-aways to people who call in.

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GlowStrike Bite Indicators

GlowStrike Glow in the Dark Bite Indicators are your source for quality night fishing bite indicators on a budget! Built from a durable, high-visibility material, the GlowStrike bite indicator never requires messy refills, and can be reused over and over again. Simply shine a flashlight on the GlowStrike for a few moments and the night fishing light is recharged and ready to go! Click the link to read more about GlowStrike

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StrikeLight Heavy/Surf Action Rod Attachment

New for 2013, we now have 2 different sizes of rod attachments. The Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment is designed for light and medium action rods, the Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment Combo includes both the Rubber Coupling and the Vice Clamp. The Heavy/Surf Action Rod Attachment is designed for larger rods including Heavy Action & Surf. With a larger designed Rubber Coupling and Vice Clamp, this rod attachment will secure your StrikeLight on rods up to 1/4 inch diameter.

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