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StrikeLight Product Review

To read the full review of the StrikeLight Dual LED Bite Indicator, follow the link here: Product Review. Product Review

Night fishing has to be one of our favorite things to do. When we’re able to venture off for a night. It’s quiet and calming to go fishing, we’re blessed in that we don’t have far to travel for us to go fishing. When the kids are along it creates some quiet, down time to just talk. Sometimes it’s worth sitting on the banks and enjoying the time together. Catching a good sized cat fish is a major plus for any fisher-man/woman.

The challenge with night fishing is that you have to have lights to see what you’re doing, if they aren’t set at just the right angle the lights create a glare and you still can’t see anything, it’s also rather tedious to keep an eye on your line and pole. This is where StrikeLight came into play for us.

StrikeLight is a small tube type light that easily slides onto the end of your pole. I thought the gadget would light up with every movement of the wind or water. It did give a little blink or two a couple of times in false alarm. As my husband was the lucky sucker that got to it first, he put it on his fishing pole.

So he’s being all funny taunting me as he’s putting it on the end of his pole. I told him more than once that he was working too hard to slide it on there, then it happens. He dropped it smooth into the river. I shouted “good grief what the heck did you do that for?!“, to which he replied with the look. You know the one, they turn their head as if to say “I did it on purpose to make your blood boil but we both know I’m the one getting wet to go in and get the light back!” I’m pretty sure he might have whispered “heifer” to go with the look. Now this is all in good-natured fun of course. If you have ever spent any amount of time with us, then you know that we affectionately pick at each other.

As he leans over and begins to plot his entrance in, we both realize that the precious StrikeLight was floating. He laughed and enjoyed the fact that I didn’t get to see him wade. :)

Okay, I have told you our story now I guess you might want to hear a little more about the actual StrikeLight. Something I haven’t been able to get are my own pictures of the StrikeLight. I hate not having my own for a product like this. I really prefer my own. The light appears much larger in the photos that I’m using in this post. It truly is slim and tackle box friendly and not very noticeable at the end of your pole.

I think night fishing takes more patience and a bit more preparation since you need to have something to let you know if your line takes a hit. Many fishing lights use one exposed bulb, StrikeLight uses an alarm type signal that is virtually a beacon at night. Using LED bulbs are energy efficient making the need to swap out batteries minimal. It’s designed very similar to how a flash-light is designed.

A simple power switch is on the end of the bite indicator with a button push it turns off, another button push and it’s off. In comparison to other lights we have used, this one is in fact reusable and worth it’s weight in fishing line. :)

The StrikeLight is designed to last and withstand the elements for hardy fishing trips. The housing water resistant and as my husband and I discovered, also floats! Dropping it in the water isn’t a call for panic. I can’t count the number of fishing rod bells that we have dropped and lost in water.

The images here make the StrikeLight appear much larger than it actually is. It’s really very slim and small and fits very easily to the tip of a fishing pole. This also helps with accuracy. Once we sat down and weren’t moving around, the light really was quite accurate. We noticed a visual difference between river water pulling the line verses an actual fish bite on the line. We feel like it really is pretty accurate.

You can purchase StrikeLight from and from Amazon – StrikeLight also accepts Amazon Payments you can purchase direct from their site.

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